It’s been a long 9 years since we last heard from the triumvirate of Thom Yorke, Burial and Four Tet who blessed us with the songs “Ego” and “Mirror” back in March 2011. A week ago two London based record shops (Phonica and Sounds of the Universe) revealed that a new collaboration between those three artists had been released, an all black vinyl 12” with no outside markings featuring the tracks “Her Revolution” and “His Rope” which were promptly ripped and shared on YouTube by  very kind store patrons. 

The results were naturally…….outstanding. Etching on the physical vinyl copies reveal that these tracks were recorded in “spring 2020”. No additional information is supplied outside the artists involved, song titles “Her Revolution” on the A-side and “His Rope” on the B-side. Both are beautifully put together, somber, sad and haunting. Devastating sitar strums are the real star of “Her Revolution” meanwhile it sounds like a Thom Yorke b-side, “A Rat’s Nest”, is crossed with a slowed down version of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” for “His Rope”. It has only been a week but I can firmly say that “His Rope” is one of the best Thom Yorke related projects outside of his Radiohead bubble and one of my top 20 songs of the year. I know that so many of us pray that maybe one day a full on album will be released featuring these creative geniuses, until then we spin the black vinyl……………….

“Her Revolution”

“His Rope”